Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Virgin Media makes XL broadband even bigger

Virgin Media customers will now be able to seamlessly watch videos, download and upload files at the Super fast speed of 30Mb. Virgin Media which is a cable network and uses fibre optic technology to supply broadband has upgraded to 30Mb from its old 20Mb due to increasing needs of the customers.

Virgin media does not make use of the VDSL technology. VDSL is a technology which basically distributes the net based on its distance from the exchange. So if the distance is more from the exchange the customer is likely to face more trouble with the Internet be it in terms of speed drops or congestion.

But Virgin has an advantage as it uses the cable network and thus customers will face no network congestions or network drops. And the new service will not cost a bomb as it is just £18.50 per month what the customers will have to shell out for unlimited Internet at 30Mbps download speeds.

The customers who are already using the XL package will be able to upgrade to the 50 percent increase in speed at a one off cost of £25. This will also give them Virgin's latest SuperHub DOCSUS 3.0 modem and router to support the high speed Internet and also to boost wireless connections.

According to the Executive Director of Broadband at Virgin Media, Mr. Jon James says that the needs of customers have tremendously increased and Virgin Media wishes to meet all the consumer needs by launching their new XL plan. He also believes that the high speed Internet is very much required at homes which have more than one device which uses Internet in their house. This will allow them to smoothly use all their device without any speed loss.

With this new upgrade Virgin Media customers will now have an option of 4 broadband speed which include 10Mbps, 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps.

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